Our Goal: Communication. Collaboration. Change.

We are here to promote respectful conversations that support loving collaborations that lead to personal and community change.

Grace Relations seeks to engage in long-term relationships with churches, organizations and individuals by creating a positive, uplifting experience for members and clients that improves their engagement with interracial and unifying multiethnic conversations and activities. It draws on the international recognition and expertise of Dr. A. Charles Ware, and his Grace DREAM materials to conduct conferences, consulting, and training. 

CSW Legacy Ministries is a for-profit created by Dr. Ware. Dr. Ware is also the Executive Director of Grace Relations, a College of Biblical Studies ministry. CSW Legacy Ministries and the College of Biblical Studies share and model the Grace Relations DREAM.

All training, consulting, and speaking fees should be payable to CSW Legacy Ministries. All non-profit fees and gifts are to be made payable to the College of Biblical Studies


All Grace Relations training is biblically-based and theological in context. It is broadly applicable wherever constituencies accept these values and principles. Contact us for information about training opportunities. 

Key Concepts:

Dare to Dream – crafting the vision
Interaction Design
Reality Check – considering the culture
Expect Challenges – counting the cost
Applications in Your Local Context
Measurables – evaluating results, clarifying next steps


Consultation services are provided through the Grace Relations Network to churches and organizations to:

Grace Relations strategic planning
Leadership and ministry ideas
Conflict mediation and resolution
Customized training, mentoring, and coaching


Dr. Ware is a nationally-known speaker experienced in racial reconciliation. To make your next event, function, Sunday service, or study encouraging and uplifting, just call us at 317-789-8247 or complete the form below and email it to GraceRelations@cbshouston.edu.

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