Grace Relations, a ministry of the College of Biblical Studies, is a community of individuals, churches, and ministries that are passionate about applying the grace of God to conversations about race and ethnicity – grace relations, not race relations.

A message from Dr. Ware

Dear Friend:

I am Dr. A. Charles Ware, founder of Grace Relations. I am passionately concerned about the state of our society and our churches regarding race relations. Over the years, God has taught me much about the Scriptures and their application to conversations of race, ethnicity, and culture.

My passion for racial reconciliation by applying the biblical principle of grace led me to develop our DREAM curriculum and establish Grace Relations. This network exists to equip pastors and other Christian workers to engage in meaningful conversation and collaboration to bridge racial, ethnic, and cultural divides. I believe God is using my decades of experience, research, and study as an urban pastor, counselor, and educator to bring a message of grace to the Christian community.

Because of Him,
Dr. A. Charles Ware 

“UNBELIEVABLE! You are a bright light in an oftentimes gray world, Dr. Ware. Thank you for your words of wisdom, hope and love regarding Grace Relations. Rave reviews have already come in!”

T. Richardson

One Race One Blood

By Dr. Ware and Ken Ham

How intimately connected is the theory of evolution with the worst racist ideology in history? This book examines evolutionary thought along with biblical statements about this issue.

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