Grace Relations, a ministry of the College of Biblical Studies, is a community of individuals, churches, and ministries that are passionate about applying the grace of God to conversations about race and ethnicity – grace relations, not race relations.

Grace, not race

What does God say about race and racism?

Culture, Race, and the Church is an online course that provides a refreshing alternative to society's polarized and divisive discussions about race relations.

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“UNBELIEVABLE! You are a bright light in an oftentimes gray world, Dr. Ware. Thank you for your words of wisdom, hope and love regarding Grace Relations. Rave reviews have already come in!”

T. Richardson

One Race One Blood

By Dr. Ware and Ken Ham

One Race One Blood is filled with scientific evidence and biblical insights. It sheds light on the invention of race and shows how the concept of different races isn't biblical or scientifically sound. The approach to the topic of racism in this book is unique because it blends together the perspectives from theologians, scientists, and social scientists. It's a great read for Christians wanting to learn more about racism and the concept of race.

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